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We are dedicated to creating luxury products for your home that each have their own story behind them paying homage to our beautiful village and beyond. Our wee workshop is located in Newtongrange, a small mining village on the outskirts of our capital city of Edinburgh.  Newtongrange is a wonderful place full of interesting history and vibrant people with stories to tell.  Our business is fondly named after the famous Lady Victoria Colliery which now stands proudly in our village as a national museum. Newtongrange has many historic tributes and statues, most famously the large wheel structures throughout the village paying an expression of accolade to the Colliery. Prior to the closure of Lady Victoria Colliery in the early 1980's, many people in our village, including our friends, family and neighbours had connections to the mine. Throughout the mining revolution it was destined for most folks born and bred in Newtongrange to work with their fathers in the pit when they were old enough to do so. The close-knit culture and camaraderie of those who worked together in the mines all those years ago is still very alive today in our community - the locals call it 'Nitten' and we call it 'home'. 

We have a real passion for our beautiful village having lived in and around Midlothian and East Lothian for most of our lives. Our love stretches across Edinburgh & the Lothian's with vast counts of beautiful countryside to explore, an array of gorgeous beaches and plenty of hidden gems to discover. We love nothing more than spending our free time exploring this place we call home, and learning about the fascinating history that lay before us. 

Now, to candle making! Crafting with our hands is something we've always had a passion for - it runs in our family.

Colliery Candle Company is family owned and we love nothing more than to be creative together.

As avid candle users, we set out to create a range of stunning home fragrance products that will tell the stories of our fascinating Scottish history. Once we'd perfected the craft of making candles for our home we decided to start making them for yours. All of our home fragrances are handcrafted in small batches using the best materials possible to ensure a high quality end product. Colliery Candle Company is Trademarked, insured and compliant to all the required candle industry regulations. Browse our range and you'll be sure to find your perfect home scent.

we love our gorgeous countryside and we believe that luxury fragrance shouldn't have to cost the earth


We strive for sustainability and ensure the ingredients in our products are eco friendly, cruelty free and have minimum impact on the environment.

Quality craftmanship is at the very heart of what we do. All of our products are made in small batches to ensure they are exceptional!

Edinburgh City

Our products are affordable, highly fragranced and inspired by our beautiful surroundings of Edinburgh, the Lothians and beyond.

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