Introducing 'Colliery Aroma Crystals' - a new approach to home fragrance, with easy clean up!


Pop 1-2 teaspoons in your burner depending on the size and the fragrance will evaporate and create a strong scent within minutes! Each bag contains 50 grams of aroma crystals.

One teaspoon of Colliery Aroma Crystals can produce fragrance for up to 6 hours. Once the fragrance starts to dull from your burner you can dispose of the crystals easily by pouring them into your bin for a mess-free burner. Ensure the burner is no longer hot, and the tealight is out prior to cleaning. 


Please note that our Colliery Aroma Crystals contain colouring that may stain any soft furnishings or clothes if they come into contact with them - they are best kept in their sealed pouch until required for use.

Colliery Aroma Crystals